Arrive and Drive Race Hire

Arrive and Drive race car hire in South Africa is the ultimate driving experience, offering people the unique training opportunity to practice, race and push their personal limits in highly competitive racing cars.

The race car hire package is run over two consecutive days. Day one is the practice day where your lap times are recorded and then analysed by our team of experts. Day two is when the fear factor is tossed aside, as victory has no friends, like hell has no fury! Winning is all that matters.

Each driver will be competing against their own personal best and the person behind that wants that pole position!

The Advantages of Arrive and Drive:

  • Hassle free of ownership
  • Fantastic value for money compared to owning an maintenance fee
  • No storage or mechanic fees
  • Some of the fastest race cars on the grid
  • The race cars are prepared for you
  • Pit crew to help you on the day
  • 5 star hospitality organised for you and your guests

The Cars

  • The race cars were built by Reynard, who also constructed the original F1 Honda BAR cars
  • They were built for the feeder series Champ cars in the US (like GP2 is to F1)
  • These race cars measure 450BHP/ per tonne with a V6 Dodge engine (if the racers are novices we detune their cars so that they are safe)
  • Each race car has a carbon fibre chassis built to FIA safety standards. This means they have similar safety standards to F1 cars
  • They have the full race configuration
  • You will be one of the few people in the world to drive a race car like this

Whats included

  • Assistance in processing race licence application, race entry forms and other documentation
  • Cars race prepared for each race - with full telemetry and race diagnosis
  • Cars branded in your name and corporate logo
  • All sessions on pre-race practice day
  • Qualifying sessions and race heats on the race day - in Formula Libre races (single seater races)
  • Full team of mechanics in support
  • Full hospitality - food and beverages at corporate hospitality standards

The Costs

Northern & Gauteng Regions Car Racing Series
Kyalami: R12,500 per race weekend over season (2 days per race weekend)

Western Cape Car Racing Series:
Killarney: R10,500 per race weekend over season (2 days per race weekend)

Cost of Training/ Practice Session
At Kyalami - R6,600*
At Killarney - R4,500*
(*Minimum numbers required)

Drivers can enter just a single race or compete in the full race season (subject to the race calendar).

Cost of a new set of tyres for series - (not compulsory) - R4,700
(It is recommended that you race about 5 times to get value out the tyres you purchase)

Bend you mend policy:
In the event of a crash the drivers are required to repair the damage incurred.

All races are subject to satisfactory licence applications and changes made by the MSA without prior notice. Fantastic Racing cannot be held responsible for such calendar changes.


For further information

please call  +27 (72) 623 2315 or email us today on

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