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Skip Barber Dodge Reynard

The Reynard single-seat race car gives you an unforgettable experience of racing cars in South Africa. These open-wheeled racing cars are not only aesthetically appealing, but also designed for the high speed Oval Racing Tracks in the USA where the emphasis remains on speed and stability. The Reynard was originally manufactured by Adrian Reynard in…
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Birkin S3

The Birkin S3 is our Instructor car. Despite its size, the Birkin S3 race car is a superb speedster and much faster than the vast majority of racing cars in South Africa. This little two seater is a delight for lovers of classic racing cars. It is a reproduction of the Lotus Seven Series 3…
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Sports 2000

Launched in April 1991 and designed by the well-respected Norman Thersby, the original GSi Opel Sports 2000 was an innovative and competitive sports racing car that came at an affordable price. The Sports 2000 was manufactured by CC Motorsport, a company owned by Chris Costas. The concept of the ACD Nardini 104 was to fit…
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