Luke Watson, Vodacom Super 14 Player of the Year

Cape Town (Top Billing Interview)

"It was an incredible experience which really got the adrenalin pumping. I would highly recommend it. I felt safe at all times because the guys were so professional. It was fantastic."

Guy Stead, Director Of Sales, GMAC Commercial Finance plc

Cape Town (International Event Guest)

"I wanted to record my widest and deepest thanks for this last weekend, it was an awesome, action packed time and a great experience for which I am very grateful. With an attempt to not infringe your "pending registration of copyright" I felt the urge to reply on my trusty friend (Thesaurus) for a suitable alternative adjective, but on review realise they all apply, one alone will not suffice:

"Wonderful, marvellous, sensational, superb, excellent, first-rate, tremendous, terrific, great, incredible, unbelievable, overwhelming, enormous, extreme"

But perhaps the one additional word that is required is UNIQUE. Fantastic Racing is unique, full credit to you for the vision, passion and execution of the entire event and weekend. I guess by now you are satisfied that I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

Matthew Beeson, Characterem Capital

Cape Town (International Event Guest)

I just had to write at this earliest opportunity to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for what can only be described as the best weekend away of it's type that I have ever been on. I would say, the best weekend full stop but, my wife may see this mail! Power boating off Cape Town with the back-drop of Table Mountain will remain in my memory for ever and the quality and professionalism with which the weekend was arranged by the team from Fantastic Racing must make you both very proud. Without sounding too sycophantic, I feel humbled to have been invited on such an event and honored that you thought of me.

Sally-Anne Hall, RMB / Sahara

Cape Town (Local Event Guest)

Not sure if they could really improve... there was nothing to improve on.

Colette Horter, Peregrine

Cape Town (Local Event Guest))

Everyone was awesome and its an experience ill never forget.

Riaan Meintjies, Killarney

Cape Town (Local Event Guest)

Very well organized and equipment was amazing.

Heinrick Coetzee, Local Event, Killarney

Cape Town (Local Event Guest)

Very well structured and the slide presentation and briefing was comforting and very good.

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