Sports 2000

Launched in April 1991 and designed by the well-respected Norman Thersby, the original GSi Opel Sports 2000 was an innovative and competitive sports racing car that came at an affordable price.

The Sports 2000 was manufactured by CC Motorsport, a company owned by Chris Costas. The concept of the ACD Nardini 104 was to fit a sports car body to a single seater chassis. Composites specialists, Auto Composites & Design designed and built the first body which was used on a 1992 Swift formula GTi running gear. Built by Legend Cars Motorsport, four of these cars were made in one batch, the most successful of which has won the SRA championship numerous times since it was launched in 2005.

Some key changes were made to the 1992 Swift, among which were that the body included two long range tanks capable of one hour running time and the use of wider (8" Front, 10" Rear) tyres, while most cars retained their 2 Litre-8 valve golf engine with electronic fuel injection.

Our Sports 2000 is commonly used for “Arrive and Drive” motor racing.

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